Zity is a multipurpose complex that includes retail, office and leisure spaces, launched relatively recently, in 2017. The complex is developed by an American investment fund, based on the former industrial colossus Zorile (light industry) and it is managed by a local team of managers and specialists anchored in the study, development and promotion of the local real estate industry, starting from regional best practices.


The campus of properties united under the identity of Zity is located in the Buiucani sector of the capital, just 10 minutes from its historic center. After its launch in autumn 2017, Zity has gradually developed, contributing to the urban regeneration of the area. After 6 years, Zity is one of the most vibrant locations in Chișinău, for the residents and visitors of the capital.


Annually, more than 2.5 million visitors spend time in Zity for shopping and recreational activities, while the business community accommodated in Zity’ offices exceeds, daily, the milestone of 2000 employees.


The team behind Zity perseveres in its mission to develop a strong community united by the same shopping experiences and annual events. After the turbulence of recent years and the ongoing review of the role of shopping centers in the communities they serve, we still believe that Zity is an expression of the continuity and non-conflictual development of brick-and-mortar and omnichannel retail.


At Zity, we still believe that the retail and corporate business depends on the activity environment and it is decisive for the profitability of our partners.

The transformation continues.”